About Visionbox



The mission of Visionbox is to develop the work of visionary artists through professional training and professional performance.

Visionbox is first committed to supporting Denver student and professional actor/artists by providing them with the highest level of professional actor training, meaningful work with financial compensation, and community.  Actors and artists who train at Visionbox are developing a common language and process that allows them to create contemporary performance work of more depth and detail than work produced in the four-week, product-oriented system of the commercial theatre.  Through this innovative production work, Visionbox is also creating a new financial model for contemporary arts in which production work is paying the company members while keeping tuition for training low-cost  for students.  As new style is explored by the Visionbox Ensemble and students in the Visionbox Studio, the content of Visionbox Productions and projects is engaging Denver audiences in a dialogue about the “essential moral and social preoccupations of our time”.

To accomplish its mission, Visionbox maintains three completely interconnected programs: Visionbox Studio,  Visionbox Ensemble, and Visionbox Productions.