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About our Adult Classes:

Nathan Bock and Kayla Morrison in Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

Visionbox does not believe in one approach to training. The pursuit of truth in acting and art is at the core of our intention and any technique or tool that helps the actor reveal this truth is of value to the work. Classes will focus on character development, behavior, objectives, actions and language. Playwrights selected for study in class will include but are not limited to: Chekhov, Tennessee Williams, Brecht, the Greeks and Shakespeare. Audition classes will be offered on an ongoing basis.

How to Enroll:

All artists, actors, and students interested in classes must sign up for an audition with Jennifer McCray Rincon and other staff. Most auditions include two monologues, one contemporary, and one Shakespearean verse. The audition is primarily a way for us to get to know each other and to ensure you’re placed in a class that will be challenging and suited to your level of experience and training.

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Visionbox will accept up to 16 actors for each class. In order to schedule an audition with Jennifer McCray Rincon and Visionbox Staff, email us at or call  720-810-1641. 

We will also accept directors and playwrights into the classes. Directors and writers should schedule an interview with Ms. Rincon for more information on the class.

Class Offerings

Visionbox Adult Acting Classes Spring 2014


American and British Comedy Scene Study

April 22nd – May 29th
Tuesday & Thursday nights 6-9pm
Open rehearsal performance Sunday, June 1st at Skylite Station
910 Santa Fe Drive

We will be looking at American and British Playwrights including Niel Simon (The Odd Couple), Christopher Durang (Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike), Sarah Ruhl (Clean House, & The Melancholy Play), David Mamet, Tony Kushner, Bella and Samuel Spewack (Boy Meets Girl), Tom Stoppard, Harold Pinter, and possibly some work on comedic Shakespearean scenes and monologues. This class will examine the Actors’ 5 Questions in the context of American and British comedies. While classes always focus on character transformation, and the playing of objectives and actions, like Shakespeare class, there will be some in depth examination of more technical skills and text analysis necessary to play comedy at a high level, i.e. comic timing, given circumstances, comedy of character, comic language, comic play structure, irony, and physical comedy. Like poetry, comedy is considered a very sophisticated and higher level acting style that challenges the actor technically, physically and intellectually. Actors who can play comedy successfully are often highly in demand in the profession and these skills can be learned. It is not important that an actor consider them self “funny” to be part of this class series. This class is based on a series of classes Gerry Gutierrez taught at Juilliard and the National Theatre Conservatory. Mr. Gutierrez was Jennifer Rincon’s directing mentor and won 2 Tony Awards on Broadway because of his extraordinary skill with comic text and production: The Heiress with Cherry Jones and A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee. Ms. Rincon assisted Mr. Gutierrez for 4 years on Broadway and off-Broadway and for 2 years with The Acting Company, the classical touring repertory company associated with Juilliard.

At least one class series is required for admission into the Visionbox Ensemble and professional production work. 2014 Season productions will include The Othello Project Phase III, The American Chekhov Project, and All the World, a compilation of contemporary Solo Shakespeare pieces, and a new project in development, working title American Fat. For more information about Visionbox and Master Acting Teacher Jennifer McCray Rincon, visit
Class Fee $400

Please write for an interview/audition.
Payment plans and work exchange are available on request

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Visionbox is committed to diversity of all kinds and there will be special consideration for students from disadvantaged and economically challenged communities.  Some scholarships will be made available on request depending on the level of student and economic need.



June Intensive: Foundations and Realism
June 2nd–June 27th
Monday–Friday, 6:00-9:00pm
Open Rehearsal: Sunday, June 29th

The June Intensive on Foundations and Realism will focus on Chekhov scene study, fundamentals of advanced acting technique, and applying The Actor’s Five Questions to scenes selected from Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, The Seagull, Cherry Orchard, Ivanov. Students will rehearse scenes to be performed in class. Research will include Chekhov’s letters, short stories, and biography. The class goal will be to move actors away from demonstrated portrayal of character emotion and experience to the revelation of character through behavior, action and objective work. The June Intensive will culminate with a public performance of work on Sunday, June 29th.

Tuition: $800
July Intensive: Shakespeare
July 7th–August 1st
Monday–Friday, 6:00-9:00pm
Open Rehearsal: Sunday, August 3rd

The class will focus on the analysis and acting of heightened language and poetry using Shakespearean text. Scansion and text work will be the foundation for this class. Students will begin with work on a sonnet and a soliloquy to be rehearsed and coached in class. Assigned scenes from Shakespeare’s major plays will be the focus of the second half of the Intensive. There will also be an opportunity for students to create a Solo Shakespeare project. These projects, approximately 30-minutes in length, are written, directed and performed by students at Visionbox. Each project can be submitted for consideration to be produced for future production. The July Intensive will culminate with a public performance of work on Sunday, August 3rd.


Tuition: $800



Visionbox is committed to diversity of all kinds and there will be special consideration for students from disadvantaged and economically challenged communities. Some scholarships will be made available on request depending on the level of student and economic need.



Contemporary Theatre/ Avant Garde

Dates: TBD

Tue/Fri, Wed/Fri 6-9pm

Tuition: $400

Location: 910Arts, Studio 11


Skinner Releasing Technique and Movement Improvisation for Actors

Instructor:  Robert Davidson

Dates: TBD

Location: 910 Santa Fe Drive, Studio 11

Limited to 12 Students 

Tuition: $250 (payment plans available on request and limited scholarships available)

SRT is an innovative movement training for actors, dancers, musicians, non-athletes, therapists–artists of all kinds–that cultivates ease, dynamic range, and creativity in movement.  This process-oriented technique flows from a nearly effortless state of being, allowing us to overcome our habits, idiosyncrasies, and impediments to moving naturally and freely.  Emphasis is on poetic, non-intellectual imagery and also hands-on work in partners combined with breath awareness.  These five classes will include occasional discussion of aesthetics and technique, writing briefly after class, and the possibility for improvisation in which form emerges on its own.  This course is a precursor to further creative work integrating creative movement and voice.