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Visionbox acting classes are text based scene study classes. Actors study a particular writer in four to six week blocks meeting anywhere from 1 to 5 times a week depending on the particular class. Most classes are three hours in length. Each class sequence will begin with some lecture and presentation of technique. Actors will then be assigned or select two person scenes to rehearse and present in class. All scenes are then directed or coached by class instructor. Classes will be kept small to ensure that all actors work in every session. Class discussion will be encouraged and moderated by the instructor. Students ability to observe and articulate what they see in the work is equally important to their own performing. Students will not however “direct” each others work.

All acting classes will give actors a specific and practical way of working on text. By developing a reliable process actors will be able to make choices based on the writer’s specific intention not on their own general response to the material. Actors will learn to reveal character through objective work, actions, and behavior as opposed to demonstrating character by the playing of mood and emotional experience. The world of the play and the writer’s life and work will be studied in the context of each scene and class sequence.

At the end of each class sequence students will have an opportunity to share their work in open rehearsals for other members of the studio, friends and family. Professional showcases for industry professionals will be produced by Visionbox at different times throughout our season. These showcases for directors, artistic directors, casting directors, and agents will give selected students performance opportunities. The commitment to process however is at the core of our mission and approach to both class and production work.

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  1. Hi. I was interested in the summer intensives and was wondering what I would need to do for that. I have had acting experience and am going to audition for the denver school of performing arts. Thank you.

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