Robert Davidson


Master teacher, musician, aerial dance performer and choreographer—has been Head of Movement at the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver since 1997. Prior to that he was director of his own aerial dance company, touring nationally and internationally, and receiving numerous grants and creative fellowships. Throughout his career he has collaborated with many diverse theatre directors and acting teachers on hundreds of classical and experimental projects. His expertise lies in teaching Skinner Releasing Technique, movement improvisation, and aerial dance on low-flying trapezes. A member of Who’s Who for life, he gardens passionately in Denver whenever the weather allows.

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  1. Hello Bob

    My name is Piper Morgan Hayes and I just graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Contemporary Dance in May of 2012 and now I’m pursuing a MFA through Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia.  I have to complete both a lengthy research paper and a thesis project.  My interest lies in aerial dance— and after grad school I’d love to immerse myself in absorbing all aerial dance concepts to use further in possible future choreographic ideas or possibly establish my own aerial dance studio. Originally, I’m a native from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

    I am wondering whether I may conduct an interview with you about your use and exposure to aerial dance?  

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this,

    Piper Morgan Hayes  

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